Sonoma - Wine & Activites


Sonoma County:

Tasting Sonoma: Activities to consider:
Farmers Markets in Sonoma Snoopy/Charles Shultz

 Sonoma County: (25 minute drive from Marin Vista House)


Tasting Sonoma:

There is plenty to do for a variety of interests:

  • Wine Tasting:  Not as well known as Napa Valley, but certainly just as good!  Numerous wineries and Napa vineyards grow grapes here. 
  • Lake Sonoma Winery
  • Olive Oil Tasting:  California doesn't stop with just great wines.  Olive Oil is california's other "Golden Elixir".  Experience a different type of day then swirling wine, or ad it to your day, and taste the elixir from the fruit of the Olive.

    • McEnvoy Ranch:  5935 Red Hill Rd,  Petaluma.  #707-778-2307  Website:
    • The Olive Press:  24724 Arnold Drive, Sonoma. (Shared w/Jacuzzi Winery)  #800-965-4839  website:


Other Activities to consider:

  • Coastline:  Beautiful Northern California scenery - Drive it and discover!
  • Petrified Forests: A short trail of petrified redwood trees from a volcanic eruption of Mt. St. Helena three million years ago. Most of the trees were over 2,000 years old when covered by the ash, and are now petrified.  Worth a stopping by if on a road trip.  California Landmark #915.
  • Train Town: Fantastic for young kids and train enthusiasts.  Nice scenery as well.
  • Lake Sonoma Fish Hatchery:  Call (707) 433-9483
  • Lake Sonoma:  Located in the beautiful coastal foothills of Northern California is Lake Sonoma     which is surrounded by Sonoma County vineyards and land rich in history.   Provides a wealth of recreation activities. Camping boating, hiking, horseback riding, & mountain biking.


Snoopy Ice Skating and Museum:

Charles Shultz, creator of Snoopy, created a beautiful Ice Skating Rink located in Santa Rosa, Ca.  Now it is home to a great Charles M. Shultz Museum as well, adjacent to the rink.

  • Charles Shultz Museum
  • Ice Skating Rink of Charles Shultz Redwood Empire(with Puppy Cafe, Gift Shop, Museum adjacent!):
    • One of the most beautiful Ice Skating Rinks - designed as a "Swiss Chalet" complete with Redwood trees inside that linus declares his love for Lucy in a heart. :)

Pathway leading to the Ice Rink is like a pathway of Stars of Olympic Skaters, complete with original signatures.   This one is signed by Charles Schulz himself, Charlie Brown, Snoopy creator.


Sonoma County Farmers Markets

Headed towards Sonoma for river rafting, Ice Skating at Snoopy's, or Wine tasting?  Stop at a Farmers Market on your way back for a yummy evening at the Vista House.
Healdsburg Farmers' Market
  • Every Saturday + Tuesday 4:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
  • Healdsburg Plaza,Matheson and Healdsburg, 
Healdsburg, CA
  • Farmers Market Info:(707) 431-1956
  • Seasonal: June-October.

Sonoma Downtown Farmers' Market
  • Farmers Market Info:(707) 538-7023
    • Every Tuesday, 5:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
    • April-October
Sonoma Plaza, Sonoma, CA